How much will this service cost me?

Please contact us for a quote as different services have different pricing.

Can I choose/meet my house sitter before my departure?

A profile of the available sitters will be sent to you first. If there is someone that you like, we will arrange a meeting for you at your home, so you can meet them, and they can meet your furkids.

What is the difference between your service and kennels?

Kennels have their place and most offer a reasonable service, but some dogs are happy to go to kennels some are not. We cater specially for people who don't want to leave their animals in unfamiliar surroundings. These are pets that are used to regular human contact, enjoy being part of the home/family and like spending time playing in the garden, as they would when you are there. The biggest difference is that your animals don't have to leave their home.

All of our sitters are animal loving individuals and will receive all the love and attention in their own home, as well as the security that they are used to, until your return.

What if my pet gets sick?

We consider this a very serious matter. Your pet will be taken to your vet, if your vet is not available, or too far away they will go to the nearest one. The application forms that you complete when booking includes details about your vet. It is always a good idea to let your vet know when you are going away for an extended period of time.

Should your pet be seriously ill we will contact you immediately, even if you are overseas.

I travel regularly, could we use the same sitter each time?

We always try to allocate the same sitter, as it goes a long way towards your pet's happiness and comfort. Unfortunately, over peak season, we have many requests, so the sooner you book, the better your chances are that you can use the same sitter, but all of our sitters will give your pets love and affection. 

What if I return earlier or later than planned?

You will need to inform Southern Sitters, who will contact your house sitter to make the necessary arrangements. In case of an extended period, you will receive a revised invoice to be settled upon your return. In the case of an early return, a credit will be issued.

What assurance do I have that my property and animals will be well cared for?

Southern Sitters conducts regular checkups and maintains daily communication with the house sitter. We can also accommodate special requests, providing they are reasonable.

Is the house sitter allowed to use my telephone, internet or appliances?

Telephone usage is restricted to contacting Southern Sitters and emergency calls only. The house sitter may use electrical appliances like the T.V., kettle, fridge, toaster etc.

Will my garden/pool be looked after?

Your pool can be maintained and your plants will be watered. General garden services are excluded.

If I'm signed up with a security firm, what additional security will the house sitter provide?

We are not a security service. A house sitter creates an impression of normal daily activities, making your absence less noticeable.

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